Going to the mountains to experience natural cooling

We may leave this neighborhood in a few more weeks to head north to the mountains for many afternoons.

I am not 100% sure that I am going to go just yet, but it entirely depends on how many other people they invite to go up there with us. It is a small cottage and if a lot of people are going then it will be far too crowded for me and I won’t like it. I am not into staying in a very small locale with too many people for that long, I guess I would lose our mind if so. I will ask if the heating and cooling is good in the locale to make sure I would be comfortable while I am there. My buddy Ed and I are supposed to play some music up there while my good friend and I stay there and Ed and I may even get a gig in a ski cottage if it works out. There are multiple local businesses up there where Ed and I could play at, as long as a fireplace is there to keep us boiling at night and they spend our money on a good even-handed amount. I would do a music set at a club up there for about 200 bucks, but not much less than that because Ed and I have played for multiple years and don’t like doing shows for cheap anymore. The local Heating and A/C contractor where I toil still has me on board to do ductwork cleaning jobs here and there, but most of our income comes from doing live shows in air conditioned and heated bars and clubs. I guess the most I made doing a show was 3000 bucks for this corporate gig where Ed and I played for many hours straight.


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