Heating my new home with a brick fireplace

I am finding it tough to stay awake lately, as this head cold or whatever I have is sapping all of our energy.

I suppose that our body is trying to battle something though, so I will provide it with the rest and nourishment it needs and let it do its job and make me healthy again.

I haven’t had any major illnesses at all in years since taking our first cold water plunge in the sea, but with the increasing temps and the pollen levels going ridiculously high, our body is having a tough time staying strong. I have a whole home sized air purifying machine that keeps the air quality entirely good in our flat, but when I go outside I get bombarded by pollen and dust with the winds that my good friend and I have been getting around here. I will try to stay inside the flat and keep our HEPA air filter going so that it removes all of that stuff from the air in this locale. I bet that within a few afternoons I will be back to being healthy once again, and things will go back to normal for me and our band playing in the street. I am supposed to toil on an a/c pump tomorrow with this heating and cooling expert, but if I am feeling like I do this weekend then it isn’t going to happen. I will see if she can do the job in a few more afternoons and let me rest up a bit more. The Heating and A/C contractor where my good friend and I have jobs had this scheduled a while back with another local company who needed it done.



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