Two more heating dealerships to go

I will toil for just a little while longer and after that I am going to take a nap for an hour or so because I am just so tired from these horrid allergies, the warm weather brought some heavy wind gusts and I guess they blew the pollen all over the locale, which in turn affected our health in a negative way.

I am trying to stay inside the new home and get more rest and hopefully the symptoms will all go away soon and I can get back to normal once again.

I have to get some more flu symptom meds at the local pharmacy tomorrow because I am going to run out of the pills. I also need to go to this grocery store tomorrow and grab some more spelt bread for our grilled cheese sandwiches I eat several times a week. The gas furnace in our flat is finally getting a chop with the warm weather, and it won’t be much longer till our mini chop a/c machine starts to run again and cool us all off in this lovely flat. I can’t wait to plop in our cool bed, where it is entirely quiet and dark too, and read our books for a bit before I fall asleep and rest our poor body. I just boxed up our steam water boiler and soon I will be boxing up our small hydronic space furnace for the summer season and fall. I will bring them out at the end of the fall season and put them together for another round of brutal winter weather. Round and round my good friend and I go.