Four more heating blogs before I sleep

I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps lately, and some of it is due to allergies and some is due to well, just life itself… I guess my head cold has entirely sapped our vitality, and just the fact that I have been living on our own for well over a year now after a breakup has been eating away at me. I’ve had a few chances to meet ladies despite the fact that I seem to shy away from saying anything too forward to them. This has been a proper theme in our life for reasons that I don’t understand. Some folks have the gift of gab like our heating rep, who can basically walk up to anybody and begin a conversion about Heating and A/C repairs without batting an eyelash. I, on the other hand, always overthink things and guess myself right out of talking to people. Then I go to my home and recognize worse about myself as I kneel by our a/c trying to cool down. I assume that you learn this kind of stuff when you are younger, but at 55 years of age I don’t believe I have it in me any more to learn the skills! Working for the cooling supplier gets me to talk to more people, but usually they are boys who come in to toil on their a/cs and gas and oil furnaces and not any ladies that are in our league. I will provide it a go this week and try to talk with a stranger when I go out on a bike ride along the beach. My HEPA air filter salesman buddy told me to try it in baby steps.



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