Ready for the cooling power of the sea

We will be getting hot water again soon, I am just waiting for the device to come from the delivery company, which is supposed to be as early as tomorrow. I will drain the tank of the old unit and detach it from the water connections and electrical connections. Then I will loosen the screws going into the wall that hold the tank up and take the tank down from where it is. That way, when the new tank comes I can just prop it up on the wall and tighten the screws to secure it. The hot water heating tank will need to be connected to the two hoses and then I will connect the wires to it and fill it up with water. Once I get that done I will take the old tank to the garbage bin and toss it out. The HVAC company we bought the electric boiler from will help us if there is a problem hooking it up, but it is pretty easy to connect a hot water boiler to the wall and to the water connections. I’ve done it before and it normally takes me about 45 minutes to do the whole process from start to finish. We will then have a nice new water heating gadget and can take hot showers again and wash our clothes with hot water too. We have been without hot water for two weeks now and taking those cold showers in the evening is not too fun. I have a heating specialist friend to help if I get stuck on this project.


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