Hot water heater is coming home

I am going to write this article just for you! Then I am going to meet some friends to train a bit at the beach, following that I will come home and work for 30 more minutes and then do a nice long meditation session on my yoga mat.

I am also going to take a nap because I am pretty wiped out from these allergies still. We are going to play music in two more days and I want to be totally well again so that I have a lot of energy to entertain the people in town. The local business is going to have us install a furnace in their place and then we are going to do a show there. I think they are going to pay us like $200 for two hours of music, which is great because we will also get tips that night from the audience. With that money I paid for my hot water heater that is going to be arriving very soon after. I will install it myself, seeing that I am a certified HVAC tech and have been for the past 20 years. I like to work on propane boilers and installing a furnace like this is a piece of cake for me. I will have it done within an hour and then we will have nice hot water again in our flat so we can take those warm showers that we like so much. I am also going to clean the HEPA filter in the a/c unit so it is ready for summer.


Hot water heater is coming home