Furnace/heater tuning up time

I am starting to get pretty hungry, so I think I will write this one article and then get some eggs going on the stove.

I like to eat eggs with rice, and I have both of them in my pantry so that is going to be the breakfast for today.

Once I finish eating I am going to write for another hour and then go to the beach to train with my workout partner. I will come home after that and do some more work online for an hour max and then do my yoga routine. My radiant heater is next to me right now and is heating up my office very nicely so that my hands are warm enough to type fast. It is very tough to type with cold fingers as they don’t really move that well and I miss the keys a lot when trying to type fast. At least my little heating device is here to keep me warm and make it a little easier to work online. I am going to be done today quite early and need to go to the store to grab some bread and then I will go to the pharmacy to get some allergy meds. After I do that I am going to go to the beach for a couple of hours to get some sun and fresh air. My air purifier is making the air quality really good in my flat, which is nice seeing that outside the pollen levels are really high and my allergies are going haywire from it.

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