What do they do with the air duct?

When the heating as well as the A/C company showed up last week, he told our partner my pal and I needed a new air duct.

I was frustrated about the price, plus I was just as frustrated thinking about what they were going to do with all that air duct.

I wanted to know if they were going to recycle the duct vents or just throw it away. There was already too much metal in the landfills, plus that was never going to biodegrade. I knew that older duct vents were made with aluminum plus that was something you could get enjoyable money for, if it was recycled. I talked to the heating as well as A/C company plus asked if I could have the aluminum duct vents when they took it out of the house. I was sure I could get enough money for our motorcycle wheels if I could recycle the ancient air duct. Mom told myself and others I could have the duct vents as long as I disposed of it responsibly plus I didn’t let it lay in the yard for the next decade. I promised I would borrow our friend’s truck, plus my pal and I would take it to the scrap yard. Mom told myself and others it was now up to the heating as well as the A/C dealer. They would remove the duct vents plus update it with flexpipe. If they gave myself and others the air duct, it was up to myself and others to take care of it. Two weeks later, the heating as well as A/C companies arrived to remove the ancient air duct. I talked to the heating as well as A/C company who looked as if he may be the toil manager, plus I asked what they would do with the air duct. I told him that unless they kept it I wanted to recycle it. He told myself and others to bring the truck to the house, plus they would load the duct vents into the truck for us.


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