She was there to inspect the air conditioning unit

Ron didn’t know his folks had contacted the Heating and A/C company.

They said nothing to him about sticking around the home and waiting for the Heating and A/C professional, or he wouldn’t have still been in the boxers and t-shirt that he wore to bed.

It was only 8 AM, and Ron worked until midnight, so 8 AM wasn’t too late for me to be getting out of bed. He heard his little sister inviting someone into the house, and Ron thought it was one of her friends. Ron came down the steps and stopped dead. There was a Heating and A/C professional ,and she was staring at him. His sister told her now that she was up, she was going to head out with her friends. She walked out of the house and left Ron standing there. He apologized and tried to grab his sweater to cover up, but she said there was nothing to apologize for. When the Heating and A/C professional blushed, Ron knew she was lying. She told him she had never seen anyone look as good in boxers as he was. The Heating and A/C professional had actually looked at him enough to think he was in boxers, and he blushed even harder. Ron stood there saying nothing until she said his sister let her in. Ron already knew that, but he said nothing. She said she was there to inspect the a/c unit, and if he could show her where to go, she would appreciate it. Ron thought little about it, until he remembered about his boxers, and she was walking behind him. He hoped to never see this Heating and A/C professional again.

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