He was devastated when the heating and AC professional left the house

Our two-year-old son was devastated when the Heating and A/C professional left the house the other day.

He spent some time walking around the house with her while she looked at the ductwork to see how much of it needed replaced.

He talked to her and asked about her kids and wanted to know if she had any sons her age. By the time she left, he acted like he had lost his best friend. Later that day, he gave us an anxious look. Our son asked if he will ever see the Heating and A/C professional again? We told him she could come back when they put the new ductwork in, but we could not be sure. He sighed and took a deep breath. Our son said he thought she loved him, but she had come and gone out of her life too abruptly. We bit our lips to keep from laughing, and we walked out of the room. We called my mom to see if she had left our son watching soap operas with her again, and told her the story of the Heating and A/C professional. Mom was laughing, and told us that was cute, but she wasn’t so sure. Two nights later, our son was talking to someone on the phone. He asked who the Heating and A/C professional was? We thought he was talking to my mom, but it was the Heating and A/C company. They had called to let us know the Heating and A/C professional would be here to install the new air duct. We were hoping it would be a different Heating and A/C professional, but it wasn’t. The only good thing was that she brought her son with her to play with our boy.

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