We asked if they had air conditioners for the mouth

Our children took us to a restaurant that featured authentic Indian cuisine.

We cooked curry at the lake house, and we thought that was what we were going to eat.

While they sat chowing down on the hottest food we had ever tasted, we were in agony. When the waiter came over and asked if there was something wrong with the food, we held nothing back. We asked if they had a/cs for the mouth. He grimaced and looked at us. We told her we were sure we had blisters in our mouths because of the food. There should have been something on the menu that said how spicy the food was. We needed a mouth a/c unit to stop the burn. She gave us cold milk, but we could not stand the feel of the ice on our tongues or palate. He asked if there was something else he could get us. She came back with a plate of plain rice, but our mouths hurt too much to eat it. The owner of the restaurant came to the table, and asked if we were okay? We showed her the blisters on our tongues. She could not be more apologetic, and then she asked our kids about the food. They were perspiring, but enjoying the burn. We told her we would feel better if they had a/c to cool our mouths down. She brought us a small fan that blew wet air. We sprayed the cold water in our mouths for almost several minutes before the heat subsided. Without the fan, we wouldn’t have been able to talk. Our mouths were hurting so much.

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