We had higher heating and AC bills than we ever had

The nicest area of summer time wasn’t swimming and enjoying the a/c

It had been a long winter, and we were looking forward to summer. We could not wait for the air conditioning season and not worry about heating the house. Our furnace was getting old, and it no longer heated and it once did. We went through more oil this year than we ever had, and it cost twice as much as it did last year. The furnace broke down three times, which meant we had higher Heating and A/C bills than we ever had. All we wanted to do was get through the next month, and we could get rid of the furnace and look at buying a new unit. We replaced the a/c unit last year, and we knew it was going to function well this summer. We wanted to hang out at the pool for a while, and go into the home and relax in the a/c. We had other thoughts, but we wanted to purchase the furnace and have it replaced during the winter. Both of us agreed that once the furnace was replaced we wanted to go on vacation. We had argued that once we replaced the furnace, we could not afford to go on vacation, but that just made us more agitated. The nicest area of summer time wasn’t swimming and enjoying the a/c. The nicest area of summer time wasn’t having a new furnace installed for the winter. The nicest area of summer time was when we went away on vacation and had a good time. Summer turned out to be almost perfect.

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