I didn’t know the HVAC technician was her boyfriend.

I was talking to my sister last week, and I told her I met this really cool guy last week, when I was at the bar.

The guy was talking about his weird girlfriend, and asked if he had ever had a girlfriend who just wanted a proposal.

My brother said there were all kinds of chicks out there, and that was why he was still single. They both worked at the same HVAC company, and went out for a drink after work, about once a week after that. Two weeks later, I was waiting for my boyfriend to show, while my brother was still there. I asked him to answer the door if someone knocked. I heard my brother talking to someone, and I ran down the steps. My boyfriend was standing there looking at me like I had grown two heads, and my brother looked like he was ready to kill. I asked if everything was okay, and my brother said he had to go. He had an HVAC emergency call, but to tell mom he would be back later. My boyfriend smiled and bent to kiss my cheek. I asked how he knew my brother. He said he didn’t, but I could tell my brother knew who he was. He told me they had met in a bar one night. They both worked for the HVAC company. I blanched, but then I smiled and looked in his eyes. I asked if I was the crazy chick who only wanted a proposal? He started to answer, but then he realized I knew he was talking to my brother. He tried to tell me it was just a joke, but I was already pushing him out the door.

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