Winter will be over, and we’ll replace the furnace.

I wasn’t sure if winter would ever end.

We had so much bad weather this year that I was afraid we wouldn’t have the old furnace replaced before another winter, before the next winter began.

Then one morning, we woke up to birds singing, and sun glistening off the snow. We checked the weather report, and they were talking about temperatures in the fifties for the entire week, and one day was going to be in the sixties. We knew the snow was going to be melting, but we weren’t turning the furnace off. That didn’t mean we wouldn’t check out the cost of new furnaces for the next winter. We looked at all the furnaces online and picked the one we wanted. I called the HVAC company and put in a tentative order for the new furnace. When winter was finally over, we called the HVAC company and asked them to deliver our furnace and install it. No one knew what we were talking about. I told them we had ordered the furnace late this spring. They said they had no hard copy of the order and asked if we had ordered it from them. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I ordered a furnace, but the HVAC company didn’t know I put in the order. My husband stopped me and told me we had put in a tentative order two months earlier, but we had never sent them a check to pay for it. It surprised me when my husband sided with the HVAC company, but I soon realized he was right.


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