Are you sure the air conditioning unit is okay?

Before summer started last year, we had the air conditioning unit serviced and the HVAC technician did some minor repairs.

He told me we would need a new air conditioning unit before this summer.

The AC unit worked well all summer, but my husband and I were always waiting for something to go wrong. During the winter, we were looking into every sale the HVAC company posted. We were hoping to find a new air conditioning unit before it was time to have the old AC unit replaced. Earlier this year, we called the HVAC company and asked them if they had some leftover air conditioning units. They sent an HVAC technician to the house to measure the house, so we could get the right tonnage. After they got all their prices, the HVAC technician came to the house and looked at our air conditioning unit. He looked at us oddly and asked if we were sure we wanted to replace the air conditioning unit. He said there was nothing wrong with this one. My husband frowned and looked at him like he was nuts. Are you sure the air conditioning unit is okay? The HVAC technician wanted to know who told us it wasn’t. We told him it was one of their HVAC technicians.I pulled out the paperwork and handed it to him. He groaned and asked if he could make a copy of the paperwork. The owner of the HVAC company called us about an hour later. He told us the man who had inspected our air conditioning unit was no longer with their company.


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