I wanted a whole home air purification system.

I told my husband I wanted a whole-home air purification system before our baby was born.

He promised to look into it, but two weeks went by, and I had heard nothing.

I reminded him I wanted a whole-home air purification system before the baby was born. He told me he had already been looking into it, but he found nothing we could afford. I showed him an ad from the local HVAC company. They were offering free installation of a whole-home air purification system if we bought it in the spring. He checked with the HVAC company but he said it was too expensive, but he was still working on getting us an air purifier. I didn’t just want an air purifier, but I wanted a whole-home air purification system.He understood what I said, and once again said he was working on it. Last week, he said he hadn’t forgotten about the air purifier, and it would be delivered next week. I couldn’t believe he had actually bought a whole-home air purification system for our home. I was sure it would be safer for our new baby. I was afraid its lungs would be injured because of the poor air quality in our home, and that was why I wanted the air purification system. Last week, the UPS guy was at the door, and he asked me to sign for the package. It wasn’t a big package, but my husband said he wanted someone to sign for it. When my husband got home that evening, he asked if the air purifier had arrived. I glared at him. He bought a portable air purifier and not a whole-home air purification system.
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