I hired a young guy to help out in the warehouse

I recognized a new young man at church on Sunday and I asked the pastor if he knew anything about the young guy.

I asked a couple of questions and the pastor didn’t really want to give me any information, but he said that he would pass on my name and information to the kid. I offered to give the guy a job at my HVAC repair company if he needed one. I also offered to sponsor him at the youth shelter nearby if necessary. After talking to the kid, he seemed harmless. I decided to hire the young guy to help out in the warehouse. I gave him a part-time job working 25 hours a week. I can’t really afford to spend much more money on labor, but I was happy to get the kids started with a job. The guy’s name is Jack and he works very hard. He does everything that I asked him to do and he seems eager to learn more about the heating and AC repair industry. The pastor didn’t really give me a lot of information and the guy didn’t really share a lot about his past or how he ended up in town. When I did a background check, I found some information that was interesting. I haven’t really shared that information with anyone except my wife and the information on the background check isn’t going to keep me from employing the guy. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance, but I know there are some things in the past that this guy doesn’t want to get around and affect his future.

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