Breaking and entering, the air filters stolen

It was a rainy summer day in the countryside, and the HVAC tech had just finished servicing the air conditioning unit in the big old country home.

  • He was sitting on the porch, enjoying the sound of the rain on the tin roof.

He picked up a book next to him and started flipping through the pages. As he was reading, he heard a commotion coming from the nearby barn, where the homeowner kept some pigs. Walking in the rain to see what was going on was something not on the HVAC tech’s mind. When he got to the barn, he saw that the pigs were squealing and running around in circles. Suddenly, he heard the sound of dogs barking, and he knew that something was wrong. He rushed back to the house to call the police, but when he got there, he saw that the front door was ajar. He cautiously pushed open the door and peered inside. To his shock, he saw that the air filters had been stolen from the HVAC unit. He knew that the theft of air filters was not typical of break-ins, and he wondered why someone would go to such lengths to steal them. As he waited for the police to arrive, he pondered the strange turn of events. Was it just boredom that drove the thief to steal the air filters? The police arrived shortly and investigated the scene. It turned out that the thief was an ex-employee of the HVAC company that the tech worked for. He had been fired for stealing from another job site and had been seeking revenge by stealing from the company’s customers.

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