Our fireplace was causing my asthma to increase.

Because of the high price of fuel for the boiler, my partner decided not to use the boiler this year & has been using the fireplace to heat the house.

I’m not complaining about the fireplace, because it heated the house so well that I found it difficult to sleep at night, and the only concern I had with the fireplace was when he brought in some unknown wood that odored amazing, but unluckyly, the odor of the wood was the only thing that was amazing.

It was also affecting my asthma. I was waking up out of breath & with such a blinding headache that I could not see straight. I called my pulmonologist, & he told me to use oxygen at night, although I already was, however my oxygen levels were down to 88 when I woke up with the headache. I told my partner that I thought it was the wood in the fireplace! He thought I was wrong, however he used something else for the next two nights. It was the best rest I had in over a week. I had no headaches, slept all night, & I woke up with a normal oxygen level of 99. He didn’t think the fireplace would be the source of my headaches, but neither did I. I was ecstatic my buddy and I found the reason behind the headaches & my lack of oxygen, but it bummed us out. Most of the wood my buddy and I had leftover for the fireplace was the good odoring stuff that I was allergic to, then we’re now talking about turning on the boiler & using it for the last few weeks of winter.