The HVAC technician was wrong with his diagnosis.

My husband told me he called the HVAC company and an HVAC technician would be at the house early this afternoon.

  • I sat around waiting for the HVAC technician, even though I had errands to run.

My husband hadn’t told me a time to expect the HVAC technician, and he didn’t tell me if he was to inspect the air conditioning unit or repair the furnace. I knew there wasn’t anything wrong with the furnace, because we had recently had the furnace repaired. When the HVAC technician told me there was a problem, I knew he was wrong with his diagnosis. I told him we had the furnace repaired just a short time ago, and he laughed. He said whoever had done the repair had missed something. I didn’t want to argue with him, but I was sure he was wrong. An hour later, my husband came home, and he asked if the HVAC technician had been there. I told him he was, and he told me there was a problem with the furnace. I explained the furnace had been repaired two weeks ago, and my husband stared at me. He said the HVAC technician hadn’t fixed it then, because we didn’t have the money to make the repair. I had to call the HVAC company and have them come out again, and do the repair this time. My husband gave me a hug. He said it was his fault. He hadn’t told me the repair hadn’t been made, and he forgot to tell me why the HVAC technician was there today.


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