My new hot water boiler on its way

I will write one or 2 more of these blogs and then take our bike out for a delight ride. The weather is a bit chilly this morning so I am waiting for it to warm up a bit before I head down to the coast for a 2 hour ride, but last night I slept quite well and I am feeling pretty good this morning. I didn’t drink any beers last night, which I am feeling glad about as I was drinking a beer or many almost every single night for a year straight. My liver is happy about the break! Heating and A/C services are on the agenda this weekend as I install a boiling water furnace on our back balcony. I’ve never done this before, but being an engineer gives you the yellow light to doing almost anything like this. I’ve worked for a local dealership, heck I’ve even been a local dealer, but now I toil on our own doing some heating pump replacements and a bit of a/c repair. I mainly get by each week by playing music in nightclubs, a far cry from the stressful world of building medical equipment, like I used to do when I was an electrical engineer. I used to run our own local company back in the morning, handling a lot of Heating and A/C repairs and things like that, despite the fact that I got tired of the dullness and monotony of it all and decided to pursue a work in the performing arts. I’ve been doing it for 18 years now and it is a much more interesting way to make a living!


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