Getting hungry because of the heater

It is 8:30 o’clock right now and I am getting a quick beginning on our writing work.

I normally don’t begin my writing until 10am, but this week I woke up early so I figured I would get a move on with my morning’s worth of work. I am trying to see how our energy level is this week before I commit to laboring out with our friend Ed, as last week I felt entirely wiped out with a sore throat and extreme allergies. Today I seem to recognize a bit more energetic and our sore throat is mostly gone now. I guess the air purification system running all night helped out a lot with our allergies and this week maybe if they are gone I will have more energy. I don’t suppose just yet though because last week I felt pretty good when I first woke up, but then our energy waned abruptly as the morning went on, however doing heating and a/c service is going to be our job this weekend, and the Heating and A/C pro I am laboring with is entirely good, so it should be a breeze to get it done on time. Ed and I will beginning the toil on Friday morning and need to get it all done by Tuesday night so that the AC contractor can open their doors in the morning with some heat to keep them all comfy. There was a minor complication with the heat pump and I guess Ed and I will install a new oil furnace in the system when my good friend and I take it all apart this weekend. I assume Ed and I need to wait and see what kind of shape it is in.


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